Service desk software for IT support

Streamline your incident processing and organize your CMDB

Incident Management for your IT help desk Manage incidents and changes

Imagine the time you would save if your IT help desk staff spent just one minute less on each incident! With TOPdesk, your employees will have access to all the tools they need, letting you save all those minutes and more This is ITIL-based service management at its best.

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Keys, cars and servers in one IT help desk tool

From servers to keys in one system

More and more organizations are merging their Facilities, HR and IT support departments. TOPdesk is the only tool that perfectly integrates these processes. Record all your equipment in a single CMDB and provide each department with its own work environment.

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Reports for your IT help desk

Successful planning with the right reports

As a manager, you do not want to rely on the reports that happen to end up on your desk. You want the information you need, when you need it; you want a reporting tool that is both powerful and user friendly.

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Standard solutions to recurring problems

Printer malfunctioning? TOPdesk recognizes recurring problems based on keywords or categories and suggests standard solutions. Your IT help desk will deal with incidents in a matter of clicks.

Insight into your IT infrastructure

What happens when Server03 breaks down? Which equipment is currently in use? The CMDB’s graphical overview gives you insight into your infrastructure.

Dynamic reports

TOPdesk’s dynamic reports are unique in their versatility. Need to discover the cause of a network hardware malfunction? Simply click through to view the details.

Automatic data entry

Register incidents with unprecedented efficiency with TOPdesk’s autocomplete feature. Working with IT help desk software has never been easier.